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New online dinner-delivery service - and why Camden Town store is part of M&S folklore

26 October, 2017 — By John Gulliver

I USED to know a shelf stacker 15 years ago at Marks and Sparks in Camden Town who was well paid – £10 an hour, good pay in those days.

He was a PhD student, and told me one of the original Marks family lived near the store and would drop in unannounced to check it out. “He’s a nice old gent,” he said.

When I rang M&S press office the other week to find out more about their pilot of a new online dinner-delivery service, the press officer knew all about the family connection with the Camden Town store. It’s all part of the M&S folklore, I suppose.

Is that why M&S chose it for their pilot scheme?

She wouldn’t say, but I sensed it played a part in their decision.

The new service is open to customers who use M&S cards only. I thought the store would have leafleted houses in the locality to tell families about it but they seem to be testing the waters slowly.

Of course, they need to compete with the next door Waitrose store.


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