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Compare the votes for Corbyn and Swinson

30 August, 2019

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

• SOME 313,000 members of the Labour Party, of a membership of well over 500,000 voted for Jeremy Corbyn to be leader. New leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson, got 47,000 votes from a party of 106,000.

The maths tell us the Labour Party is robust at five times the size of the LibDems and Jeremy Corbyn got nearly seven times the size of vote for leader than Jo Swinson.

The LibDem leader wants a new electoral system, proportional representation. As do I. But single-handedly she wants to dictate who’s the leader of a party she is not a member of as well as who should be an “emergency-interim” prime minister; while leading a parliamentary party of 14 MPs. That’s not very democratic.

In fact I would call it outrageous and contemptible, particularly from someone who demands our trust but broke her own party’s pledge and went through the lobbies with a number of her LibDem colleagues to support a massive rise in university tuition fees.

If you look at Jo Swinson’s voting record since 2010 she has supported the Conservative Party, not only as part of the coalition government as a minister, but many of the other austerity policies. You shall know them by their friends and their voting record.

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