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Closures because of the HS2 vanity project will lead to traffic congestion

07 March, 2019

• ALTHOUGH there will still be two bus routes left serving Somers Town – the No 214 to Camden Town and No 46 to Kentish Town via Camden Road – after the closure of Eversholt Street, those who live in the west side of Somers Town may find it cumbersome to walk to the bus stops on Midland Road, (HS2 closing Eversholt Street will strand hundreds of residents, February 28).

The most worrying thing is the congestion caused by diverted traffic. I am horrified to find out that not only Eversholt Street but also Hampstead Road will be closed. Where on earth all the traffic will go is anyone’s guess. Even now, when something happens on Euston Road, our streets become clogged up.

I recall our former MP Frank Dobson telling us at an HS2 meeting several years ago that Eversholt Street would be closed for a considerable time if the project went ahead, but I do not want to believe it is actually happening.

Many people, including our current MP, say this is a vanity project. If they need to increase capacities of trains on London-Birmingham, introduce double-decker carriages like in France and Belgium. As for speed, consult SNCF or Japan railways to find a solution.



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