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Classic FM owner blocked from creating super penthouse

Council signals change in policy after rejecting multi millionaire's bid

20 October, 2017 — By Chloe Livadeas

Knightsbridge Apartments

THE multi-millionaire owner of Classic FM applied to turn two pent- house apartments into one.

Ashley Tabor wanted to knock-through his two homes in Knightsbridge Apartments – a luxury complex in Knightsbridge – to form a single 10-bed- room super home.

He said he required “a large, modern family home where the family could live separately from guest accommodation and other more public areas of the house”.

Mr Tabor bought one of the flats for £15million in 2006 and the second for £90million in 2017.

The legal opinion in the application was that the change was so “immateri- al” that it would be permit- ted under “development rights” and would not need full planning permission.

The council rejected the application, arguing it would hamper its new housing goal of building 1,068 new homes each year.

It would have resulted in one of the most expensive properties in the capital, valued at around £170mil- lion, the council claimed.

More than 200 other applications have led to the loss of nearly 300 residential properties since 2013.

Cllr Daniel Astaire, Westminster’s cabinet member for planning and public realm, said: “It is unconscionable to accept this kind of proposal when we face a pressing housing shortage. In fact, it is the exact opposite of what we are trying to do. Our aim is to ensure fairness and opportunity in housing and we refuse to sell golden postcodes to the highest bidder.”

Councillors were so pleased with the decision that they sent out a press release about it. In August they also press-released details after the rejection of a 32-flat Bayswater scheme because, they said, it had insufficient provision for affordable homes.



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