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CityWest Homes has set up four residents’ area panels for people to have their say

17 February, 2017

• IN response to H Bourne’s letter (We need an open forum to discuss social housing, February 3), it is vital that residents have an opportunity to shape the services they receive.

That it is why we set up four independent resident area panels last summer, which are attended by 46 people from across our housing estates.

The panels provide an opportunity for people to discuss the issues which matter to them most.

Members are from a range of backgrounds and tenures, ensuring we have a diverse mix of views.

They set the agenda and collaborate with CityWest Homes to discuss, change and improve our services.

This includes a recent action of reviewing and approving our repairs process.

Other projects underway include those on anti-social behaviour, digital inclusion and security systems.

The panels are co-ordinated by a Residents’ Council. Any residents who are interested in getting involved can find out more at: www.cwh.org.uk/engagement

Chief Executive CityWest Homes


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