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China’s investment in the UK raises serious political questions

25 January, 2018

Wen Jiabao at the Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Tianjin, 2012

• AS Londoners, we tend not to notice what’s going on until it arrives on our doorstep.

Back in 2012, the Chinese premier Wen Jiabao was in talks with Angela Merkel to discuss China buying more of Europe’s sovereign debt, “if certain conditions are met”.

We had already been warned by the Heritage Foundation that such Chinese investment had definite political implications for us.

Five years on, the results of that deal between Merkel and Wen are perceptible in London. The city is being rebuilt. We don’t know precisely what “certain conditions” needed to be met. But certain events may provide us with a clue.

Theresa May, after becoming prime minister, having expressed her intention to review the construction of the new power plant at Hinckley Point (which places control of a sensitive and potentially lethal nuclear installation in the hands of the Chinese, part-owners of EDF); was suddenly convinced by the “flash-crash” in Sterling the week after to shake hands on the deal with Wen.

Likewise, despite enjoying a solid majority and with the full backing of the British people, she was apparently forced into a phony election, invalidating her mandate to walk away from Europe.

Premier Wen, like Marshall (of the post-war Marshall Plan) before him, requires that Europe be manipulated as a single financial entity, just another toxic debt envelope.

So the city is being rebuilt but on the Asian model. We’re left in no doubt. The government is engaged in a massive home-building project… but not for us.



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