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Changes ahead in a pointless HS2 project

24 January, 2019

• WE’VE all heard of the slow boat to China. Well, now we are likely to have the slow high-speed train to Birmingham! You really couldn’t make it up.

The latest episode in this ludicrous HS2 saga occurred when the MP Andrea Leadsom recently aired her concerns about the viability of HS2, compelling the company’s boss, Mark Thurston, to come up with the following brainwave: “A number of changes to the project may have to be considered to keep it within budget and on time.”

He continued: “Train speeds and frequencies could be changed in an effort to reduce costs.” Isn’t this yet another example of the complete and utter pointlessness of HS2?

And to think that the government’s company, HS2, is prepared to destroy our country people’s lives, health, the air we breathe, communities, woods, forests, ecosystems, and wildlife etc for a train that is not only perversely obsolete 17 years before it is built, but absurdly, won’t get you to your destination any quicker – so where’s the justification in that?

Even a simpleton could work out that, having already spent over £4.1bn pounds before laying a single track, HS2 are evidently not going to be able to stay within the budget of £56bn pounds, especially as the project is already four years behind! And any idiot can see that the whole project is not viable!

We need an affordable and reliable rail network that will benefit the whole country, not just the elite few, as it is a false economy for people not to be able to move around cheaply, and efficiently.

And not scrapping HS2 is a terrible indictment on this government’s integrity, and a dereliction of its duty to do what is best for its citizens, and the taxpayer, who are paying for this sorry farce!



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