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Carnaby Street joins bid to sink reliance on plastic

22 June, 2018

DJ Mickey Beans

AND so to the Carnaby Street neighbourhood, for an entertaining night highlighting a horrible, serious, subject.

A shop space in Beak Street has been used for the past three weeks for an art show called Pass On Plastic, set up by oceanic campaigners Project O and Sky Ocean Rescue, two charities doing sterling work in the drive to clean up the seas and educate us wasteful species about how we can stop mucking up the waters.

The aim was to illustrate how we can eliminate single-use plastic and how easy it is to change our consumer habits.

The exhibition, which included a Blue Whale sculpture made out of plastic detritus and weighing in at about the same amount of plastic dumped in our oceans every single second, saw the likes of Jaime Winston, Jo Wood and Princess Eugenie of York scoot by for a gander.

But Diary is much more energised by the fact entertainment, at a party last Wednesday, was provided by the marvellous DJ Mickey Beans.

Beans plays a regular show each week on independent radio station Boogaloo – run from the Boogaloo pub up in Highgate – and her sets are a must-listen for thousands.

She said: “At the Boogaloo, they’ve gone from plastic to paper straws.

“And the aim must be for every bar to make sure this is the norm rather than the exception.”

Contributing artists included Paul Karslake and Tess Felix, with their “rubbish art,” and jewellery designer Ara Vartanian had a selection of shark-inspired rings on display, too.


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