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Can we trust our parliamentarians over Europe?

07 December, 2018

• THE occupants of parliament have deserved the collective term “a deceit of” over my lifetime.

Once this country had agreed to being involved in a trading arrangement with “Europe,” that inexorably took us through the stages towards its present EU political entity, does anyone recall any UK government telling the people they were using the domestic vote to transfer the governing power and trust to protect our laws and freedoms to foreign influence and control?

Does anyone recall anything of the sort being done as successive governments signed treaties and gave away what was not theirs to give? And who might have readily agreed to that behaviour had they been asked?

Those of us of a certain age well remember the bile that was aimed at any MP or other public voice who questioned what was being done in our name, but without our informed awareness, over a great many years. Even now abuse is aimed in their direction from both within parliament and without.

It is no wonder we have the current muddle – with the hopes of the abusers that Brexit might even be cancelled and business as usual might cosily carry on as before, no doubt accompanied by profuse apologies and much knee-jerking and wallet-watching.

The irony now is that the parliamentarians are put forward as the logical and rightful arbiters of what Brexit should mean. This reminds me of the theatrical comedy term of yesteryear: “Whitehall farce”.



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