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Camden residents urgently need the government to change course

16 November, 2017

• NEXT week the chancellor will bring forward a Budget in the midst of a crisis in our public services.

Homelessness is up around the country, with 73 per cent more children without a secure home than in 2010.

The Met police chief Cressida Dick last week warned MPs that further cuts would make it harder to tackle the rise in violent crime across London.

Simon Stevens, the head of the NHS, has called on the government to find the missing millions for the NHS as we head into a difficult winter in our hospitals.

Schools are being forced to cut staff and subjects, or turn to parents for donations. Council services, especially care for children and the elderly, are being stretched by decimated local government budgets.

Our public sector workers are keeping straining services going through their passion and commitment, but it can’t go on like this.

Austerity has failed. Borrowing is rising and people are suffering.

The Tory government needs to admit they got it wrong and take decisive action to support our public services. We call on the government to act by:

• Investing urgently needed funds in the NHS, policing, education and social care.

• Keeping their promise and funding councils to carry out urgent fire safety works.

• Lifting restrictions to allow councils to build desperately needed new council housing.

• Raising the housing benefit cap in central London to help councils reduce homelessness.

Camden residents urgently need the government to change course.

Camden Council Leader
Labour, Holborn and St Pancras


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