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Cally Road transformed to star in series The Crown

“In the Cally we offer great value for people making TV productions.”

14 December, 2018 — By Max Aitchison

CALLY Road had an unusual facelift when film crews turned up to shoot scenes for hit TV series The Crown.

The clock was turned back 50 years as production teams for the third series of the show chose the street for scenes based in 1960s London.

Caledonian Road was turned into the fictional Ferndell Road, while Tilloch Street was temporarily renamed Hamley Street.

Fake street signs could still be seen yesterday (Thursday).

The action for the next series, screened by Netflix, actually takes place in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, but producers chose Islington for shooting over the weekend.

One of the signs still up on Caledonian Road

The Euro Cafe, at the corner of Tilloch Street, was one of the businesses with a supporting role.

Labour ward councillor Paul Convery witnessed the film crews at work.

“What was interesting about the shoot over the weekend was the two very contrasting kinds of scenes being photographed,” he said.

“It really sums up the famous contrast about the Cally, which is that we’ve got magnificent 19th century squares and grand roads like Richmond Avenue and Thornhill Square and then Caledonian Road, which is a much more down-to-earth street.”

The Crown, a biographical drama, follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, with actress Claire Foy’s Emmy and Bafta success in the lead role forming part of a trophy cabinet full of awards the show has garnered.

Another sign still up 

Seasons one and two cover the period from the marriage to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh to the birth of Prince Edward in 1964.

Broadchurch and Peep Show star Olivia Colman will appear in the third series as it moves on to 1976, covering Harold Wilson’s two terms as prime minister.

For Cllr Convery and locals of a certain age the filming was a trip down memory lane.

“They utilised the West Library for a scene set around a polling station because I think in series three they’ve reached the 1970s, which I have to say I can remember,” said Cllr Convery.

“One of the fascinating things was that lots of people around my age were saying: ‘Oh, look. There’s a chopper bike’ and ‘Remember when people used to wear hats like that’ and ‘See that jacket. You don’t see them nowadays’.”

Mehmet Ozer, whose son owns Classic Upholstery at 362 Caledonian Road, said: “It was really nice. They were all dressed up in 60s outfits.”

Cllr Convery added: “In the Cally we offer great value for people making TV productions.”

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