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Brexit is a project that benefits the few not the many

04 January, 2018

Polly Toynbee is due to speak on ‘Stopping Brexit’

• MARTIN Plaut’s call for Labour to work to reject Brexit (The electorate should have a say on any deal that is finally agreed on the European Union and the United Kingdom, December 14) will find increasing, and increasingly urgent, support throughout this constituency and throughout London and the country.

As prices rise the means to exercise political influence declines as funds for local government are slashed, and public services such as health, caring, and education, are cut to the bone, it has already become clear (project fact rather than project fear) that those who are losing most include many of those who voted Brexit.

The few gainers, as the latest HM Revenue and Customs tax demands to some of the richest Brexit sponsors show, are the spivs and chancers among whom some advise investors to look outside the UK to protect their wealth, while others will retire on handsome EU pensions.

If ever there was a project that is benefiting the few rather than the many it is Brexit. We need to ask this: is there a greater possibility of implementing the Labour manifesto within the EU or outside it?

All those who are interested in the question are warmly invited to register at www.stoppingbrexitpollytoynbee2018.eventbrite.co.uk and come to share their views at a meeting in Camden Town Hall at 7pm on the January 11 when Polly Toynbee will speak on “Stopping Brexit”.



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