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Brexit is a blight on the body politic

27 September, 2018

• THE leadership of the Labour Party evidently has not understood the lesson of Theresa May’s efforts to realise Brexit, namely that without a consensus on how that is to be done, Brexit prevents any other policy from being effectively pursued.

The government simply does not have the administrative capacity to make and implement any other policy as long as Brexit divides the government, and government finances are hostage to the effects of Brexit, however short-term they may be.

In the present situation a people’s vote is one way of securing a consensus on Brexit. Failing this Labour should commit itself to revoking Theresa May’s ill-judged notice of withdrawal from EU and refer the whole matter to a royal commission, with representatives of all sides and all political parties represented in parliament, to decide on how to proceed with Brexit.

Only in this way can the poison of Brexit in the British body politic, caused by the headlong rush to be seen implementing something, anything, that looks like the will of the people, be drawn. If Labour wishes to implement any of its radical programme, it cannot be distracted by the tortuous process of Brexit.

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