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Billionaire Duke of Westminster is a Labour target

01 November, 2019 — By Dan Carrier

Jeremy Corbyn launching Labour’s campaign

BILLIONAIRE land-owner the Duke of Westminster was singled out by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn yesterday (Thursday) as he kickstarted his party’s general election campaign.

Explaining to a crowd of press and supporters at the Battersea Arts Centre what the key themes of the election would be, he said wealthy elites should be made to pay their fair share of tax and bad landlords would find laws strengthened.

He spoke about the Duke of Westminster’s plans to demolish Walden House, which is used by the council for social housing, and has been at the centre of a heated campaign by residents looking to save their homes. The duke inherited a fortune worth an estimated £9billion and owns a property company called Grosvenor Group, which is looking to develop Cundy Street estate and Walden House.

The Cundy Street estate

In September Gros­venor announced tenants in Walden House would have a “right to return” to the area when new housing was built on the Belgravia site.

Mr Corbyn said: “Are you on the side of the dodgy landlords, like the Duke of Westminster, Britain’s youngest billionaire, who tried to evict whole blocks of flats where families were living to make way for luxury apartments?”

Mr Corbyn said by dealing with tax and halting tax cuts for the wealthiest, Labour would be able to invest properly in public services and national infrastructure, adding: “This is a Labour government who will end the damaging Tory austerity. We will tax those at the top properly to fund services for everyone else.

“We will give people pride back in their communities and give everybody the chance for a quality of life they deserve.

“We are going after the tax dodgers, the dodgy landlords, the bad bosses and the big polluters.

“We know whose side we, the Labour Party, are on. The question in this election is whose side are you on?”

‘Two Cities’ in the balance

Tory Mark Field stepped down last week

THE Conservatives and Lib Dems are both listed as even money to win the “Two Cities” seat, while Labour are pitched as a relatively outside chance on 6/1.

The Tories’ Mark Field, who had held the seat since 2002, stepped down last week while Labour unveiled its long-list.

But neither party is yet to select who will be contesting the constituency for the December 12 general election.

Chukka Umunna is standing for the Lib Dems, the party for remain, that is confident it can make significant gains in the capital.


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