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Beware those doing the with-hunting

15 March, 2019

• ARTHUR Miller, “the conscience of America”, referred to in the plea on behalf of Labour’s Chris Williamson MP, highlighted the manufacture of supposed “guilts” in the public gesture of confession.

Ceremonies of public contrition were in 17th- century witch trials and 1950s McCarthyist House Un-American Activities Committee hearings, with the sacrifice of conscience to expediency.

As noted in his autobiography Timebends: “Irony is what is dispensed with, usually paralysed, when fear enters the mind.”

Ask who has compromised their “principles” to hide behind judicial processes which assume someone to be guilty of “racism” and stripped of social power.

We need to expose the hypocrisies of Williamson’s accusers as we remain Miller’s “fellow loiterers on the platform waiting for the Redemption train to come through”.



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