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Beware the friendship with the USA

06 April, 2018

• AMERICA’S divide-and-rule strategy could backfire on the UK despite Theresa May’s disinformation war against the Russians.

Mainstream media are all but touting “Reds in every bed” slogans but the covert reality is more likely to be: isolate and prevent Russia from benefiting from the Caspian oil pipeline through India; and to disassemble the construction of the new Silk Road from China to Russia as well as Asia.

I ask you, could the context of May’s Brexit be to establish this country as a Nato-EU-UK partnership with the USA in Britain? To me it’s looking like it is.

I ask the Tory political machine to remember how the USA bankrupted Britain at the end of World War II. That friendship, to secure the peace in Europe, cost us our gold, silver and coppers and the pound was devalued against the dollar.

May must be “for turning”. We must stop spreading disinformation against Russia (remember Tony Blair and Iraq) and concentrate on good trade agreements with European Union countries and others who still respect us.

We can’t turn the clock back. Britain lost America during the reign of George III and we virtually handed them our empire at the end of World War II. To be hit again because of an imperialistic drive, as we were with Winston Churchill, must be unthinkable.



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