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Belief in the betterment of society seems to have gone

19 March, 2020

Robert Latham

• I SAW lawyer Robert Latham has “donated” £100,000 to Sir Keir Starmer’s bid for the Labour leadership, (Looking back with Starmer man Bob, March 12).

Well, I am not surprised that the lawyers’ wing of the Labour Party has closed ranks to seize power. I wish I had a spare £100K to “assist” a friend’s leadership bid.

The UK political scene is getting like the USA where the biggest spenders, donators and affluent seem to get elected to high office, as witnessed in the current Conservative government.

Political ideology and aims with a belief in the betterment of society for its people seem to have moved aside for the biggest donors and ambitious power-hungry with democracy becoming irrelevant.

So we end up with the likes of another lawyer like Tony Blair with his economic success making him personally worth £100,000,000 while leaving a legacy of war and PFI debt for the country.

Somehow I don’t think all these north London activities will resonate with the northern working class.

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