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Be clear who is responsible for cutting free travel

15 October, 2020

Understanding cuts to young people’s free travel and limitations on older people’s free travel

• LONDONERS should understand where responsibility lies for recent cuts to young people’s free travel and limitations on older people’s free travel, (Sadiq Khan has wasted money on TfL, October 8).

Both of these measure hit those who most need free travel, the young so they can continue in education, and the old so they make use of the protected hours that supermarkets offer.

The government made these cuts as a condition of bailing out Transport for London this year. Unlike most other major European city transport, TfL has received no central government funding since 2015.

The government has imposed control, but is taking no responsibility for the impact these measures are having. These are lessons that are likely to be learned by other mayors up and down the country.

Jenny Thomas attacks the wrong target on the running of Transport for London. Her letter ignores the needs of key workers and those who have to go into work, who are keeping London and the NHS going throughout this crisis.

It’s vital we all put our weight behind our mayor, Sadiq Khan’s efforts. Securing a government funding settlement is essential. It will allow London to take TfL through the remainder of this crisis and invest in a modern transport system.

Both are required to enable TfL to continue in playing its part in London and the wider economy’s recovery.



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