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Baker Street, business and our feudal system

07 July, 2017

• IN response to the go-ahead of the two-way scheme for Baker Street and Gloucester Place (The two-way Baker Street scheme gets a green light, June 30), fundamentally this is not a gyratory like you have in the rest of London.

It is more like the grid of avenues and streets you have in Manhattan with most of the street life off the many avenues, which service as the main way through the neighbourhood.

And in these austere times, to use over £10million of public money to make Baker Street even more fabulous when there has been a lot of opposition from residents’ strikes going by Westminster Council’s own survey results, strikes me as bizarre.

The main beneficiary should have at least put up the whole of the outlay, as no doubt the footfall for the shops will be increased along with their rents. The feudal system continues in the City of Westminster.

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