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At least Johnson had a clear message

10 January, 2020

Outgoing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

• ROBERT Latham’s excellent letter gives no reason why Jeremy Corbyn failed so badly last month, (Starmer is the best candidate for the new party leader, January 2)He suggests lessons need to be learned as to why natural supporters have been deserting Labour for many years.

Jeremy Corbyn refused to attend the D-Day 75th anniversary event last year, and snubbed the Queen’s banquet. He was not just sticking two fingers up at Donald Trump, but to all Americans, and Canadians.

Estimated D-Day casualties: 6,600 Americans, 2,700 British, 946 Canadians. So I can’t imagine any of the 300 veterans who were in attendance at Portsmouth would have been interested in voting Labour. And one should not forget that it was America that saved Britain in World War II.

No wonder Labour supporters in the north and north east were all saying the same thing; that they couldn’t vote for him. Instead they lent their vote to Boris Johnson. At least he had a clear message.



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