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As the crown prince of Saudi Arabia is visiting here, innocent children are dying

08 March, 2018

• THIS week the UK government is rolling out the red carpet to Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, even as innocent children are being killed by the ongoing Saudi-led coalition bombing campaign in Yemen.

Since 2015 British weapons companies have made a staggering £6billion from arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the country leading the coalition bombing Yemen. At the same time the British taxpayer is sending more than £200million in life-saving aid to the Yemeni people.

As one of Saudi Arabia’s key allies and arms suppliers, there is a risk that British bombs are being dropped on Yemeni children. Thousands of innocent young lives have already been lost in air strikes and explosions, and thousands more from hunger and preventable diseases like cholera and diphtheria.

Yemeni children are dying every day from preventable causes like hunger, disease and war. It may be a far-away conflict, but Britain has a moral obligation to help end the suffering.

I think our government should stand up for Yemen’s children and ensure food, medicine and fuel get into the country and that children are protected from bombs and bullets.

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