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Coram’s Fields is aware the pollution issue requires to be addressed

30 May, 2019

Coram’s Fields

• IN response to the letter (Cut this pollution in Coram’s Fields, May 23) may I thank the authors for highlighting the challenges that exist around reducing air pollution levels in London.

It is true that every year as a charity, Coram’s Fields hires its space to a corporate marquee and that, as with nearly all structures of this kind, is reliant on diesel generators as its main power source.

Those that know Coram’s Fields well, will know that the marquee is a feature that long precedes the health concerns relating to diesel, of which we are all now so aware.

However, finding a viable alternative for diesel is a national issue and the complexity of the challenge faced is considerable.

Despite receiving around £90k in revenue from the marquee each year, the charity continues to face an uphill struggle to keep its park and services open, and recent improvements such as the refurbishment of the toilets and the returfing of the East lawn, put quite simply, would not have been possible without this source of income.

As a responsible local charity Coram’s Fields is fully aware that this is an issue that requires to be addressed. The trustees are determined that a solution must be found that properly recognises local concerns to improve neighbourhood air quality for our young users and the community as a whole.

It is disappointing the letter fails to highlight the considerable effort being made to not only reduce the use of diesel generators on site, but to completely eradicate them.

The data referenced itself is the result of a commissioned report by the charity, voluntarily provided to the Coram’s Fields User Group; demonstrating not only our efforts to understand the issue but also the level of transparency that we have shown in trying to address it.

Over the last year several options to replace the current diesel generators have been explored. However, for various reasons, these have not proved viable.

The remaining option, to deliver power through new gas-fuelled micro turbine technology is being actively pursued.

We believe this has the potential to deliver a concrete solution and despite the considerable cost of bringing a new gas supply into the park (£135k), we are doing everything in our powers to make this happen.

However, we cannot deliver this solution without external help. In particular support from Camden and our local councillors will be absolutely critical if we are going to be able to deliver a timely solution to this pressing issue.

So I urge all those that use Coram’s Fields and value the park, playground and services that we provide for local families, to back our efforts to fix this problem and ensure that we are able to protect this wonderful community resource for future generations.

Chief Executive Officer
Coram’s Fields


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