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As a resident I find the massive shop queues in Soho a nuisance and a danger

15 September, 2017

• AS a resident of Soho, with a small child in a buggy, me and my wife already have to put up with narrow walkways around the area and lots of building works forcing us out into the roads.

However there seems to be a new problem. Supreme, the fashionable clothing retailer on Peter Street, has patrons forming queues along the paving on Peter Street, around on Hopkins Street and sometimes on Ingestre Place.

While I am impressed that a shop can get hundreds of teenagers to wait patiently for hours at a time, just to enter it, it’s becoming a real nuisance to the residents and visitors to Soho.

On Peter Street the queues start right outside the store, blocking an entire side of the walkway with barriers.

On the other side you have people standing or sitting around on the walkway, I assume exhausted from the whole mesmerising experience of getting in to the shop.

This means anyone who wants to walk down Peter Street is forced to share the road with cyclists, mopeds, cars and the Peters Court construction traffic.

This is very dangerous. I am not sure who gave Supreme the authority to annex the public walkways but this is very concerning and needs to be addressed.



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