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As a first step, Camden should ban the use of glyphosate

21 February, 2019

• A SCIENTIFIC paper published last week found a third of insect species are facing extinction and the global mass of insects is declining by 2.5 per cent a year.

The report warns of “catastrophic consequences for the planet’s ecosystems and for the survival of mankind”. Intensive pesticide use is the leading cause.

Camden Council could make a small but meaningful contribution to responding to this terrifying scenario by following Hammersmith and Fulham and cities around the world in becoming pesticide-free. Pesticides are unnecessary in townscape management and there are economic alternatives.

As a minimum first step Camden should join Bristol, Brighton and Edinburgh in banning glyphosate use, for both environmental and health reasons, as the evidence of carcinogenic effect continues to build.

Liberal Democrat councillors will be making that argument at the next council meeting, supported by the other opposition parties. We call on Labour to support the move and residents across Camden to write to their councillors urging them to do so.

Vice-chair Camden Liberal Democrats


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