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ArsenalFanTV rants thrive during the Wenger era

OPINION: A bid to ban to ArsenalFanTV from the stadium won't work - but would it be so popular if the Gunners gave them less to rant about

02 November, 2017 — By Richard Osley

Angry opinions score big hits on the internet

THE online petition calling on ArsenalFanTV to be stopped from filming around Ashburton Grove is brave, but it won’t get anywhere.

Robbie Lyle and co have a zillion online viewers to call on in support, if needs be, and their “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it” argument is quite persuasive.

Some fans think it’s embarrassing, but the internet is full of fans of every club – whichever team you support – doing muggy things. I refer members of the jury on this to YouTube, where you Spurs fans have recorded some of the worst tribute songs you can find on the information superhighway.

With ArsenalFanTV, you can sort of admire the creators’ entrepreneurial spirit in the way they have started making money out of what is essentially just taping the conversations which go on in every pub on the Holloway Road at full-time. Someone will find a way to monetise drinking beer and parping next.

The only foreseeable problem for the channel is that these are perfect times to coin it in – the unpredictable, late-Wenger era, where losing to Watford and getting thumped by Liverpool makes for perfect material for their shock-jock presenters to rant about how terrible life is.

It’s perverse, as they are Arsenal fans with Arsenal tattoos, but the more frustration boils around Wenger and his refusal to play Jack Wilshere, or his inability to beat one of the top six, the better it will be for a channel which thrives on showing us how angry a man can get over football.

It might not be so captivating for anyone if Arsenal get organised and start turning in functional 2-0 victories.

• IT’S not for me to belittle Tottenham’s achievement of beating Real Madrid in the Champions League this week, only a sourpuss would do that.

But let me roll some names at you: Roberto Carlos, Zidane, Beckham, Figo, Robinho, Ronaldo (the first one)… these were the names on the team-sheet when Madrid had a proper team of galacticos.

And it was the team who, yes you remember, Arsenal defeated so famously in the Bernabeu.

They were on a different level to the shadows trotting around the Wembley pitch against Spurs.

Has there ever been a team in Spurs’ history which would have been capable of beating a Madrid team in which Zidane was in as a player? It’s unlikely, but what makes Arsenal’s victory is that it was perfectly executed despite fielding such unvarnished talents as Eboue, Toure, Senderos and Flamini.

It was also a knockout tie when Arsenal beat Real, whereas Spurs are doing all this grand stuff in the section of the tournament where no prizes are handed out.
Tottenham are always good when there are no prizes to be handed out.


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