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Archway takeaway’s recipe for staying slim? Tuck into a kebab a day

Award-winning – and trim – Hakan insists that ‘if you eat the right food twice a day you’re fine’

22 March, 2019 — By Calum Fraser

Cayko Angelov, who works at Archway Kebabs in Junction Road

EATING a kebab a day is not the kind of dietary advice Public Health England will be publishing any time soon.

Yet, it’s exactly what Hakan Topkaya and his employees do and they look trim.

But what they serve in Mr Topkaya’s takeaway, Archway Kebabs, is no ordinary, 3am, regret-inducing stomach-churn­er.

He keeps a keen eye on the meat he uses, ensuring it is of high quality. The falafels are homemade and the salad freshly made every morning.

The 46-year-old’s diligence paid off on Monday when Archway Kebabs was saluted as the Best Takeaway in London at the British Kebab Awards.

Mr Topkaya, who lives above his takeaway in Junction Road, said: “Every day I am eating here. So are my staff.

Hakan Topkaya

“Sometimes we have someone come in who is a little bit chubby. They eat with us and then a year down the line they have slimmed down. If you eat the right food twice a day, as long as you don’t do too many cakes and chocolate on the side, then you’re fine.”

Archway Kebab, opened in 1982, has built a loyal following, with families arriving at dinner time and leaving with “six or seven kebabs”.

“This place is like my baby,” Mr Topkaya said. “We have grown it for almost 40 years. We have given so much labour to this baby.

“There are so many kebab shops around now who don’t buy the best meat. They think you can cut corners and the public will not notice.

“We want to keep this as a great place to eat. If you cut corners you’re going to pay for it in the end. Why make a Nissan Micra when you can make a Rolls-Royce?”

Mr Topkaya is now looking to improve the grills and the cookers to maintain the business’s awards record.

This is the second time Archway Kebab has won the Best Takeaway award while it has made it onto the shortlist for seven years in a row. The Soho awards ceremony was hosted by Radio DJ Scott Mills. The awards are given on a points-based system. Points are accumulated through public votes online and secret visits by kebab experts. A nomination from an MP or councillor is worth 250 points.

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