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Archway busker’s ‘Light my fire’ fans young love’s flame

‘It was almost like Romeo and Juliet,’ says musician Steve

18 January, 2019 — By Emily Finch

Busker Steve Broe: ‘Nice to see something joyful’

WITH the rise in online dating apps where true love is decided through the swipe of a finger there’s a fear that modern courtship is dead. But veteran busker Steve Broe disproved this theory on Monday.

The 55-year-old from Archway is usually found playing Spanish guitar outside the station there when he isn’t doing odd jobs as a gardener.

“It was almost like Romeo and Juliet,” he said, describing his role in a very modern re-telling of the tale.

The busker was app­roached at his usual spot by a “nervous young man” who asked him to play some music for a young woman living nearby.

“I think it was the beginning stages of their relationship. He had with him champagne, choc­olate and flowers and heard me playing. It was her birthday. I guess he thought the music would help,” he said.

The young man’s plan to rope in a guitarist to serenade his girlfriend quickly paid off. “They were dancing together by the end. I played Light My Fire by The Doors for the final piece.

“I started off with some slow Spanish guitar music so he could talk. They loved it. They were lock­ed in each other’s eyes but when she said ‘That’s gas’ in a thick Dublin accent I had to chuckle.”

Neighbours were less happy about music drifting through their windows, with Steve receiving confused looks. But they also gave him thumbs-up signs and waves.

“It was nice to see something joyful happening with so much negativity going on in the world,” he said.

The guitarist and singer began playing after moving to London from Dublin 30 years ago. He hopes his music will “bring a little joy” to the world.

Self-taught, he ran the music stage at the Crystal Palace food festival before moving to north London.

“It’s all worth it, standing on the street for hours, when you see someone skip by listen­ing to the music,” he said.

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