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All the TV cooking shows are cruel to those who use foodbanks in a time of austerity

21 September, 2017

• I DON’T know if other readers will agree with my views but it seems strangely cruel that since 2010, when this round of austerity started, there has never been so many cooking shows on television.

You have people going to foodbanks then you have families watching two fat men telling you how wonderful and tasty the leg of beef is, the rack of lamb is, the wonderful smoked salmon; food most people, because to austerity, can only dream about.

You get these well-paid TV cooks having close-up shots of them stuffing their faces and letting the millions know every detail as those on foodbanks tuck into a tin of beans.

Talk about how these wealthy, well-paid, TV cooks are out of touch with daily austerity faced by millions in this country! It’s cruel. Who is this food aimed at? Racks of lamb, shoulders of beef, venison, smoked salmon, trout, it’s all the food those going to foodbanks can’t afford to buy. Just who are they cooking it for?

It’s ridiculous. Well it can’t be for those faced with austerity. They can’t afford expensive cuts of meat. It just seems wrong. They are on all channels, but more so on the BBC. If those worse off weren’t forced to pay for a BBC licence then maybe more could also eat steaks, lamb, beef instead of beans on toast for dinner.



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