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All tenants’ rights matter

03 May, 2019

• FURTHER to Harry Bourne’s definitive letter (Social housing has a purpose, April 5) – yes, social housing does have a purpose.

“Getting out the bunting” as Harry suggested, is clearly a seeming burst of democracy by Westminster City Council to sanitise CityWest Homes’ record by bringing its council housing back in-house.

Social housing has three main sectors, one of which is those living in council housing. However a second sector is citizens residing in housing association properties.

As such, they have fewer legal rights and suffer higher rents (plus exorbitant service charges) in comparison with those in council housing.

A third sector is citizens living in private sector properties. These have the least rights of all and are penalised with even higher rents (such as London Living Rent and the duplicitously mis-named “affordable housing” etc.)

These latter two groups can comprise “council referrals” who after referral seem to vanish from the council’s duty of care.

Housing association and private sector residents may well feel that the “bunting” should only be unfurled as and when the city council affords them equal rights with council tenants.

Randolph Avenue, W9


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