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After the Republic, change must follow in Northern Ireland

08 June, 2018

• IN two separate referenda, almost a year apart, the people of the Republic of Ireland have voted to accept same-sex marriage and now abortion.

It is obvious the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland can no longer influence or control what people do or think.

It is now time for Presbyterian Ulster to accept reality and allow same-sex marriage and abortion to take place in Northern Ireland; the province can no longer remain an outpost of Oliver Cromwell’s English Commonwealth.

If the province does not except reality then Presbyterianism in Ulster, like the Irish Catholic Church and the Church of England, faces terminal decline.

The young people of Northern Ireland, like those in the Republic, will bring about change in the province.

The “old guard” in the Democratic Unionist Party and the Free Presbyterians need to take heed or the young will desert Unionism and Presbyterianism like rats deserting a sinking ship.

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