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Activists move in to occupy old ‘super nick’

‘Green Anti-Capitalist Front’ protest at former high-security Paddington Green police station

21 February, 2020 — By Tom Foot

Wearing balaclavas, GAF activists planned for ‘a week of action’

SUSPECTED terrorists have for decades been held in the high-security cells at Paddington Green police station.

Its interrogation rooms had, until its closure in 2018, hosted IRA members, released Guantanamo Bay detainees and those accused of the July 2005 London bombings.

But this week it is a hotbed of environmental debate and artistic expression after balaclava-clad anti-capitalists occupied the building ahead of a week of direct action against the “mega rich”.

The Green Anti-Capitalist Front (GAF) moved in a fortnight ago with the intention of turning it into a community centre.

One GAF member, who did not want to be named, told Extra: “During the week of action the space will host workshops, skill-shares, socials, planning sessions and a wide variety of other informative and entertaining events, while also acting as a base from which to launch actions to reclaim our public space from corporations and government, and strike at the very heart of capital.

“This is motivated by the belief that capitalism by its very nature will continue to destroy our planet and ultimately our civilisation. We will show the mega rich and powerful that we will not stand for their greed and corruption.”

The group has taken photographs inside the building including of a shooting range cardboard cut-out (above), a number of keys, cells and a sign with letters cheekily blacked out to make it read: “All legal representatives will be expected to eat ass whilst in the custody suite.”

In 1992 the IRA exploded a bomb outside Paddington Green police station in Harrow Road. The Mayor’s Office for Policing And Crime (MOPAC) shut down the station in 2016 while Boris Johnson was mayor.

A police counter opened in Church Street following the closure.

GAF said: “We chose this building because the police have time and again shown that they will gladly break their own laws to suppress any challenge to the entrenched, unjust systems our society is based on.”

To find out more visit https://greenanticapitalist.org/

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