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A tactical vote could send a message to the main parties on Brexit

01 March, 2018

• I COULD indeed vote in the local elections on May 3 based on who might be best placed to work “tirelessly to solve issues such as improving the bin collection” as a candidate suggested in your February 22 Letters pages (On May 3 let’s vote about local matters); but the really smelly rubbish needing removal are the Tory and Labour Brexit policies.

As someone who switched my vote to Labour at the last general election it does disappoint me that they are not advocating the single market and customs union as the best way of mitigating the economic downside of Brexit.

Voting tactically with Brexit in mind sends a clear message to both the Tory and Labour leaders that we can’t progress locally without a national shift on Brexit.

Frognal Gardens, NW3


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