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A paean to Pam…

08 June, 2017 — By John Gulliver

Pam Gilby

MANY of our readers will remember Pam Gilby for her tireless work as a leading member of the South End Green Association, while others will recall her organising the community choir, the Fleet Singers.

Pam died recently, and what may not be so well known is that she didn’t just love singing hymns as part of her work at the Gospel Oak Methodist Church, where she preached – but she wrote them as well.

Pam, I hear, loved nothing more than taking holidays in England and Wales – and was moved by this green and pleasant land to write a hymn of her own, celebrating the glories of our countryside.

She penned the following lyrics to be set to the music of Eternal Father, strong to save (Melita):

‘O Lord of earth and sky and seas
How perfect your creation stands
Lie open to the flying winds
Clouds quickly race across the land
waves break and crash upon the sand.’


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