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A new pristine perspective on Tower Bridge art

Beauty and the Bridge exhibition on display in the South Tower

28 July, 2017 — By The Xtra Diary


When Alex Evans’s friend was set to run the marathon he was able to gain the perfect vantage point high above the runners.

For Alex is the first artist in residence at Tower Bridge and positioned himself high up above the scene. In the event his friend was unable to compete but one of his meticulous and detailed drawings of runners crossing the famous landmark will be auctioned to raise funds for Amnesty. In the meantime the artwork is part of an exhibition, Beauty and the Bridge, which has just opened in the South Tower and will run until November.

Alex lives in Holborn and as well as the residency is artistic director at Kazzum, a charity which focuses on site-specific theatre work for children and young people. He has been working in a converted store room in the tower. His studio there is not a typical artist’s mess. He explains: “The type of work I make is always very pristine and tidy.” And this is evident in the show, which features more than 40 works, which explore “the intersections between architecture, geometry, nature and drawing”.

In addition to the main show 10 lightbox installations created by children from the nearby Boutcher Primary School, who worked with the artist, can be seen in the bridge’s West Walkway.

Alex says: “I spent several months here looking and exploring Tower Bridge from an artist’s point of view.

“I have studied its ornamental patterns, its Adrift by Alex Evans geometry, its microscopic elements which grow across the bridge.

“These works show the bridge as a building in transformation, its forms in a constant state of flux, forming and dissolving before your eyes.”

He has produced delicate contour drawings, digital prints, mirror and silk, and even 3D engravings on Portland stone, a sort of homage to one of the key materials used in building the bridge. Alex says: “It has a long history of being a cultural icon.” And his residency is part of an initiative, including the educational programme, to establish it as “a brand new cultural venue in London”.

With degrees in drama from Hull and visual performance from Wimbledon School of Art, Alex has worked with children and adults “from Japan to the Maldives”.

And it’s no surprise he would like to see many more such residencies in London “even financial institutions…” he adds.
www.tower bridge.org.uk – admission included in the entry price for Tower Bridge Exhibition.

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