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A must-watch movie for millennials

16 January, 2019

Super Fly, starring Ron O’Neal

SETTLING down into a comfy seat at the marvellous Prince Charles Cinema, off Leicester Square, to watch the 1972 Blaxploitation film Super Fly, we were struck by how fortunate we are to have a rep cinema that isn’t just surviving, it’s thriving.

And screening films such as Super Fly shows why we should be happy to support the excellent value PCC.

What a hilarious movie it is – it has this aura about it, and is celebrated by film-lovers as a perfect example of its genre.

But, frankly, it has aged badly… so badly, in fact, that it feels utterly brilliant.

A simply terrible script, ropey direction, hit-and-miss camerawork and a ludicrous plot, it has all the ingredients to become an ironic must-watch for all those millennials who were in the audience.

As well as the tough-guy clichés, the New York cokeheads and the hamminess, there are the outfits: lead Ron O’Neal is just the most splendidly dressed fellow ever to strut and wriggle across the screen.

Thank you to the PCC for a thoroughly entertaining evening.


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