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A late Christmas dinner as farm goats feast on trees

Xmas trees are said to be rich in Vitmain C and a natural de-wormer

10 January, 2020 — By Helen Chapman

GOATS at Kentish Town City Farm are helping recycle festive leftovers by chomp­ing through discarded trees, writes Helen Chapman. Workers have discovered the animals’ appetite for pines and needles and are looking for tree donations free of fake snow.

They are said to be rich in Vitmain C and a natural de-wormer.

Mel Chamberlain, who works on the farm in Cressfield Close, said: “We haven’t had to give them de-wormer medication for two years. The trees have natural medicinal qualities. “They’re also useful to scratch the part between their horns they can’t quite reach although they look like headbanging lunatics when they do it.”


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