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A dystopian view that can crush debate and damn consensus

21 February, 2019

• AS someone who has lived in London and worked in its public sector for more than 40 years, more than half of those in the National Health Service, I don’t recognise Ken Jones’s dystopian picture of public services and public life, (The lies are simply shameless, February 14).

I use buses and trains often – admittedly not in the rush-hour into London – and I’m often amazed by how punctual and quick the latter are.

There are far too many people sleeping on the streets, it’s true, but the reasons for this are complicated and I wonder how many would agree with him that they “live like rats”?

And, for the record, Brexit was not “imposed” by the Tories but voted for by a clear majority in a referendum which 84 per cent of MPs supported in 2015.

I would actually prefer to be ruled by incompetents than by ideologues who see facts as a plot and dismiss those who don’t share their views as “conscienceless, moral bankrupts”.

The problem with this kind of invective is that it crushes debate and damns consensus, both things which it is clear from their reaction to the pathetic posturing and opportunism seen in parliament recently, the British people instinctively like.

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