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A dangerous thing the EU

21 September, 2018

• DANGEROUS thing the EU: something to be wary of?

Consider the possibility that Vladimir Putin finishes up in Syria and looks around for another adventure to distract the folks back home.

The Baltic States, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia border Russia and their populations are declining. Within those shrinking populations reside significant minorities that are ethnic Russian.

If elements within those minorities should claim they are being ill-treated or are agitated into claiming that and appeal to Russia for protection there could be trouble.

Remember South Ossetia and Ukraine? Things don’t always go well when the EU goes on a recruiting drive.

The history of EU involvement in the east is not good. In the former Yugoslavia the EU deferred to Slobodan Milošević rather than commit forces to a peace-keeping mission.

Slobodan eventually made it to the EU when he was extradited to The Hague. The US eventually sorted the mess and implemented the Dayton Peace Agreement.

Jean-Claude Junker wants an EU army and discrete EU foreign policy. Would they ever find the resolve to act if a member state found itself under pressure?

Russia probably won’t seek to agitate minorities in the Baltic but you never know. The relentless trend to take the EU to the hard right must cause concern when viewed from Moscow.

The elections to the EU Parliament in May 2019 could see a quarter to a third of MEPs drawn from hard-right parties and funded by the EU. How did it ever come to this?

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