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A challenge to the Lib Dem leader

09 August, 2019

• PERHAPS Joanne Kate Swinson CBE MP, the Scottish-born leader of the Liberal Democrats, might explain how her party’s ardent “remain” position within the European Union is compatible with the oath of allegiance to the sovereign, her heirs and successors, sworn by MPs upon taking up their seats in parliament, when it clearly indicates support for subordinating that oath and the primacy of parliament itself to the influence and control of a politically-driven entity, based beyond these shores, that assumes supervision over the laws, customs, trade and borders of this historic realm?

And how does her political position in this respect justify the award of an honour for service to politics and public life in a country she clearly prefers to be run from elsewhere? You’ll pardon this Englishman (who also swore an oath of allegiance to the sovereign) when I say that I don’t understand the thinking behind any of it.



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