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A bullying culture pervades retail and service industries

14 February, 2020

• I AM absolutely appalled that a hotel should stop a recovering cancer patient from using its toilets, (Hotel staff denied me use of their loo despite my prostate cancer, February 6).

Obviously the blame will be apportioned to the “jobsworths” who refused the man permission in the hotel lobby. And it is true that people in all jobs must let their humanity overrule the rules and regulations that they are expected to enforce.

But the culture of pettifogging authority is passed down from the very top leadership of companies and the jobsworths are often rightly fearful of losing their jobs.

The bullying culture that pervades our retail and service industries demeans all of us and ends up with the sort of hostile environment which alienates so many of us in our own neighbourhoods.


• Editor’s note: the hotel has been contacted for comment.


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