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93-year-old ‘Grand Duchess of Soho’ is victim of street attack

Residents warn crime is 'out of control' as Violet Trayte recovers from mugging

24 August, 2018 — By Tom Foot

Violet Trayte with George Skeggs who posted news of the mugging on Twitter

THE “Grand Duchess of Soho” has been mugged for the first time after more than 90 years living in the West End.

Violet Trayte, 93, has been left bruised from the attack in Ingestre Place but is recovering well.

It comes as neighbours warm overdevelopment has created a muggers’ paradise with more dark alleys and places to hide.

Pop art and surrealist artist George Skeggs, who has been in Soho since the 1950s, said Violet’s attacker was a “lowlife scumbag”.

He tweeted: “Violet the Grand Duchess of Soho was mugged last week by a lowlife scumbag, the first time since she has lived here all her life – still recovering from bruising.”

Residents have warned that crime is getting “out of control” in Soho, with some saying they are feeling scared for “the first time”.

Soho Dairy market trader Robin Smith said he had been “bottled over the head by four guys”.

Glenys Roberts, a former West End councillor, called for the development sites to be better lit as they “provide convenient cover for dealing”.

She added: “We had this problem in Romilly Street. There I secured the support of the Met’s drugs and gangs squad who staked it out, resulting in multiple arrests.”

TV production worker Derek Brown, who works in the area, said: “After nearly 30 years I am now scared in Soho. It’s out of control now and getting worse.”

Soho police said they were looking into the matter.



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