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An open letter following the artists’ protests over HS2

05 July, 2018

Artist Dan Llywelyn

• FURTHER to Art protest against HS2 tree massacre, June 28:

An open letter to Sir Keir Starmer MP

Dan [Llywelyn] has summarised the feelings of the many artists and local people after our painting in Euston Square Gardens last week, and the exhibition at the Crypt Gallery in St Pancras Church, entrance in Dukes Road WC1H 9PJ. It is good you may be able to make time to visit on Friday.

Many local Euston people, your constituents, and local primary school children, as well as several prominent commuters, have participated in this art event, and the letter expresses our heartfelt concern that HS2 is simply going to be allowed to rip up the last remaining green patch and chop down all those trees for the main contractor’s construction compound.

It is unbelievable that they have devastated the west side of the gardens for a temporary taxi rank. Surely we have progressed from “see paradise, put up a parking lot”.

So I forward this letter to you from Camden Civic Society, who has sponsored the event, as lawful campaigning to engage residents and citizens in their environment, is one of our charitable objectives.

Chair, Camden Civic Society


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