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2,000 years of paranoid anti-Semitism isn’t going away soon

01 April, 2021

David Baddiel. Photo: Ralph PH

• AS an author of a book on Sir Moses Montefiore, I enjoyed Charles Harris’s review of David Baddiel’s Jews Don’t Count, (The J word, Review, March 25).

The broader quandary is the politicisation of anti-Semitism whereby any critique of Israel is deemed anti-Semitic.

The crude social media conspiracy theory narrative that “everything is connected” augments this, Jews depicted either as secret rulers or sub-human.

Notions of a big secret (The “Great Replacement”, “deep state” machinations) may be an antidote for those who perceive their task as exposing this (and thus become an elite who are really “in the know”).

However, endless quotidian melodramas in an alternative reality cannot turn fantasies into facts.

No one can vouchsafe these anti-Semitic tropes which will be applied to the next manufactured conspiracy.

Two thousand years of paranoid anti-Semitism ain’t going away soon…

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